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About us

The provision of military music for the British Army is provided by the 22 bands in the Corps of Army Music and 19 Army Reserve bands.

These bands are based throughout the UK and tour widely to support the Armed Forces wherever they serve.

Marching Bands

Marching band is the most recognisable face of military music. This very image of military music is matched by the ability of the bands within the Corps of Army Music (CAMUS) to perform on the march.

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Wind Bands

The Corps of Army Music (CAMUS) has wind bands ranging in size from 35 to 64 personnel. With the ability to perform concerts at venues around the world, supplying traditional and heritage music.

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Brass Bands

The Corps of Army Music (CAMUS) has three full-time professional brass bands. The brass bands are based in the North-West, the Midlands and South Wales.

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Mounted Band

The Corps of Army Music (CAMUS) 64-piece mounted band giving it the capability to produce a full Symphonic wind band. This is the largest band in the British Army.

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Rock and Pop Bands

The Corps of Army Music (CAMUS) has formed three Specialist Contemporary Bands who perform Modern Rock, Pop and Jazz music.

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String Orchestra

The Corps of Army Music (CAMUS) has a 24-piece String Orchestra based in London. The orchestra supports major events around the world.

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