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Midnight Music


Katie Wardrobe – a music technology trainer and consultant with a passion for helping music teachers – started running music technology workshops for teachers because there was very little information specifically about how to use tech in a music education setting.

Yes, you can easily read the software manual or take a general online course on the basics of a software program but what exactly should you do with your students in the music classroom? And where were the examples for studio instrumental teachers or band directors? What sort of projects work well with GarageBand or Mixcraft or iPads or Sibelius and how can you ensure your IWB is used effectively in class and not just to show Youtube videos?

When Katie didn’t find those answers readily, she set out to create her own solutions and share them through training sessions and courses.

There are four things you can do:

  • attend an upcoming face-to-face workshop
  • schedule a workshop for staff at your school or in your district
  • join the Midnight Music community for instant access to 12 online courses and other resources
  • take a look at the done-for-you iPad lesson resources

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I Can Compose

Stockport, Manchester, UK

North-West England

Welcome to I Can Compose, the website dedicated to GCSE and A Level Music composition.

For students

Are you looking for help with:

  • starting your composition?
  • developing your piece?
  • getting top marks for your music coursework?

For teachers and schools

Do you want to access to:

  • student-friendly tutorials?
  • focussed listening activities?
  • commentaries on current issues in music education?

How I Can Compose works


Composing starts with listening. Here, you’ll find lots of different genres to broaden your musical listening experience. For each piece, you will learn about context and key features of the music. There’s also a section to challenge you to think about how the music applies to you and your composition.


It’s free to register to access our fun and engaging tutorials. Some courses are free and for others there is a small charge. In each tutorial, I compose alongside you so that you can see and hear how a piece can develop. You then decide whether to follow my composition model or go in your own direction. Start creating your own musical masterpiece and track your progress with your personal dashboard.


Founder and Secondary music teacher, Rachel Shapey’s musings on all things musical, including interviews with brilliant composers and musicians – be inspired!

Register for free

Once you’re registered, you’ll have access to all our free courses and when you’re ready, you can try out the premium courses too.

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PartPlay quartet


London, United Kingdom

PartPlay is an interactive learning resource that gives you the opportunity to play along with professional musicians.

Users can play along with professional ensembles and mute, solo, slow down or loop any combination of parts within a piece of chamber music thanks to innovative recording techniques developed by PartPlay to achieve a result which has the highest quality of video and audio, using top-level equipment and professional sound and video engineers.

PartPlay has a number of great features to help you learn. You can bookmark your favourite pieces, listen to dedicated commentary on every movement given by our professional team of players, and can even watch close up video of every player’s line, enabling detailed study of technique, articulation and musicianship.

PartPlay features amazing a continuously expanding repertoire and features musicians such as the Maggini, Castalian and Coull Quartets.


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Ableton MusicGurus


+44 (0)74 5046 3111

Tileyard studios, Tileyard Road, London, United Kingdom


MusicuGurus is a music education service that allows students of all musical backgrounds & proficiency to learn from world-class musicians.

Students can access a vast library of video lessons and can also get personalized, 1-on-1 coaching with high quality, personal advice from their music gurus.

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