Music Copyright: Understanding UK Copyright Law When Working with Music

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Understand UK music copyright law and how it applies to you as a creator, producer, marketer, distributor or licensee of music.

This online course introduces you to the key aspects of UK music copyright law.

It answers questions such as: what is protected by copyright and what is not? In what circumstances can you reuse copyrighted material without permission or payment? How do collecting societies work? And how can you make money as a musician through licensing deals, self-publishing or giving your music away?

Real-life musicians share their experiences throughout the course, offering advice on dealing with copyright, being copied by other artists and avoiding accidentally falling into a copy trap.

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to…

  • Demonstrate an understanding of UK copyright law, including basics of protected musical works, duration, and, copyright exceptions.
  • Explore how the market works using licensing deals and royalties through collecting societies.
  • Engage with newer concepts such as internet based self-publishing, and, using creative commons licenses.

The course is primarily aimed at musicians and current or aspiring music industry professionals. It covers the key aspects of copyright law that creators, producers, marketers and distributors of music need to know about. It is also useful to anyone working in other creative industries that license music, such as advertising, film, television and digital media.

To take part in this course, all you need is a decent computer and access to the internet (preferably broadband).



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