Music Education UK
    17 Dec

    Royal Festival Hall, Belvedere Road, London SE1 8XX, United Kingdom

    17 December 2017

    10:00 am To 6:00 pm

    A long overdue opportunity for all women on the jazz scene to galvanise forces & forge a strong and pragmatic network that takes better ownership of the scene, shaping the second 100 years of jazz into a more gender balanced, supportive and fairer creative environment.

    This impactful day will comprise roundtable discussions, break out sessions, networking and mentoring opportunities and expert presentations about things that really matter to us, but rarely get a chance to be collectively discussed, including:

    • Getting our music out there: Making a living & monetisation of our art
    • Reliable research-based evidence that demonstrates hidden barriers experienced by women in jazz and examples of effective positive action that’s already smashing them down.
    • Impactful and effective business and funding strategies that help make your creative ideas really happen
    • Lobbying for fairer representation (in the media, programming of key music events - such as jazz festivals & events like the London Drum Show, music syllabi and curricula).
    • Helping the scene feel more comfortable about championing women and celebrating our work
    • Identifying the networking and professional opportunities we’d like to put in place for 2018 and who to invite to help us
    • The impact of ACE’s "Creative Case For Diversity" and how to make it stick
    • Programming jazz from a female audiences’ perspective.
    • The absence of women on the staff and in the curriculum of publicly funded jazz courses.
    • Creating the right environment and pedagogy for young girls to engage in improvisation
    • Mentoring opportunities across the generations
    • The true significance of “the jam” and “the hang” in today’s jazz culture.
    • The power of the female purse.
    • Anti-bullying strategies
    • Co-commissioning and the shaping of creative ideas
    • How to engage everyone on the scene to implement change

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