The ‘model music curriculum’: uniting the music education community through disaffection and challenge?

The social media storm surrounding the recent announcement of a Model Music Curriculum for England has highlighted a growing malaise among music educators and researchers, with the… Read more

McMusic? The role of franchises in the arts and wellbeing sectors

Part of our cultural landscape, music franchises are moving beyond artistic development into areas like therapy and even preventative medicine

I can compose: my journey to creating a composition website

Founder of I can compose, Rachel Shapey, explains how she came to create the award-winning composition website and introduces her latest course

Embracing digital innovation in music tuition management

With music services under strain and tuition levels dropping, the industry must embrace digital innovation in tuition management, says Paritor CEO, Simon Dutton

Interactive Musical Participation: a research performance

Adrian York, Senior Lecturer in Commercial Music Performance at the University of Westminster, introduces his new Interactive Musical Participation model

Blog: Steven Berryman on research-informed music teaching

Dr Steven Berryman, Director of Music at City of London School for Girls, calls for more music teachers to engage with research: ‘a vital tool in our work’.

It’s not what we do, it’s how we do it: evolving the concert experience

Hugh Hodgson School of Music Professor, Cynthia Johnston Turner, challenges players and audiences to loosen up the classical concert experience

Introducing Tri-borough Music Hub (TBMH)

Tri-borough Music Hub Head, Stuart Whatmore, leads music education across three London boroughs. He recently introduced TBMH’s work to readers of KCW Today.

Poorer children priced out of learning instruments but school music programmes benefit the wider community

Years of austerity in the UK have bitten away at school budgets, and the arts have suffered heavily. Schools can no longer afford to employ teaching assistants,… Read more

Get your head in the cloud, part 3: teaching music

In the third article in his cloud-based software series, George Hess, MUSIC:ED Music Technology Editor, looks at music production software for the classroom.

Get your head in the cloud, part 2: creating music

In his second article about cloud-based software, George Hess, MUSIC:ED Music Technology Editor, looks at music production software for teaching.

Get your head in the cloud, part 1: introduction

George Hess, MUSIC:ED Music Technology Editor, introduces a series of articles about cloud-based software for music teaching and music creation.

One Day One Choir: A Global Choral Project for Peace

Choral aficionado and educator, Jane Hanson, introduces One Day One Choir, a global initiative which uses the power of singing to unite people on Peace Day.

Arts Council England’s approach to early music education

Arts Council England Chief Executive, Darren Henley’s speech at Tri-Borough Music Hub’s recent Early Years Conference made the case for expanding the NPME to include 0-5-year-olds.

A Safe Space for musicians: #metoo and the MU

Safe Space: Naomi Pohl looks at what the Musicians’ Union is doing to tackle sexual harassment and abuse of power in the music industry

Will the Greater Bay Area initiative boost Hong Kong’s opera sector?

The following article was originally published on CHINA NOW, the British Council’s new platform for UK arts professionals. For arts stories, news, events, research and opportunities in China… Read more

My journey to historical flutes: Rosie Bowker

Flautist, Rosie Bowker, writes about why she loves the baroque flute, about her time on the Handel House Talent Scheme and about her group, Pocket Sinfonia.

Prepare for fireworks – the Asian music scene is exploding

The Asian music scene is one to watch with digital revenue leaping over 20% in 2018 and British institutions and artists finding new ways to plug in.

A Level Music Technology fails the test

With exam results set to make headlines within a few weeks, George Hess, MUSIC:ED Music Technology Editor, looks at one Music Technology A Level syllabus and finds… Read more

Q&A: Midnight Music Founder, Katie Wardrobe

As one of the superstars of music technology education, Katie Wardrobe can make even the most complex topic seem not only simple but also exciting and interesting. With a website full of teacher-friendly resources and lessons, Music Technology Editor, George Hess, spoke to her from her home in Melbourne, Australia.